Intuit Dress Code

Intuit Dress Code

Keeping with our philosophy of authentic dance expression, students have the choice of wearing anything that they can move in that makes them feel comfortable. 

Examples may include: a leotard, unitard, tights, shorts, tank-top, leggings, T-shirt and dance pants, dance skirts

Here are our requirements on certain items: 


If they choose to wear tights, they must be flesh-toned or black. Footless tights for children not in ballet shoes yet and convertible tights for all other students second semester Ballet II and up. 


Flesh-toned or black canvas ballet shoes or socks. 


Though not required, masks are highly recommended.

Items not allowed in class in person or zoomed 

Leather ballet, jazz shoes and sneakers. Bra or midriff tops. 

Items for  performance

Generally speaking students need flesh tights and canvas split soles shoes, black tights and black canvas split soles ballet shoes for the multiple parts they participate in over the course of a season . More proficient students will be required to have more performance items.